DarleyGo Announces Funders To Accelerate Game Development

HONG KONG, Jan. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – DarleyGo, an NFT horse racing game built on the Solana, has announced its first backers as it strives to accelerate the development of the blockchain based game. Accelerate the growth of the gaming industry with its unprecedented horse racing game intertwined with the budding play-2-earn game [P2E] economy, DarleyGo has successfully garnered the support of community members and crypto enthusiasts who believe in its main vision: to deliver interactive, astronomically satisfying and imaginative horse races where players can earn rewards for participating in these races. .

The tour de table, according to the team, is led by Jump Capital and joined by Waterdrip Capital, Genesis Block Ventures, GuildFi, Paribus Ventures, Panony, Athena Ventures and Solar Eco Fund. The influx of these new investors into the DarleyGo project is consistent proof of the unexploited potential of the horse racing platform.

Incorporating core features that set this project apart from miles away, the DarleyGo team credited their record breaking success in a short period of time to the unwavering support of members of their community of talented creatives, crypto enthusiasts, and geek connoisseurs. horse racing and very involved fans. . Thanks to this tireless support received from these members, DarleyGo has reached and exceeded certain milestones in the shortest possible time.

Comprised primarily of horse racing enthusiasts and experts ranging from skilled mobile and desktop game developers to game graphic designers, and now crypto enthusiasts, the DarleyGo team, through constant research, has sought to solve a small problem in the emerging industry — monetization. After years of extensive consultation, exploration and research, the team believed that now, a period characterized by an exponential increase in blockchain and NFT adoption, was the best time to build and launch this project.

In an extremely remarkable achievement, DarleyGo became the recipient of the much revered and distinguished Community Choice Awards during the just concluded IGNITION, a global hackathon initiated by Solana Ventures. Winning this award is recognition of the unparalleled backing and backing received from the community, thus strengthening its position as a game for the future.

About DarleyGo

DarleyGo is an online horse racing platform built and run on the Solana Advanced Network. Combining the immense powers of NFTs and blockchain technology, this company seeks to deliver an exciting, interactive and immersive video game experience. Leveraging Solana’s scalable, cost-effective and streamlined network, DarleyGo will introduce cutting-edge technology with the goal of offering players a whole new gaming experience while allowing them to earn in-game tokens as a reward.

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