FIFA 16 – Best Dribbling Technique in Game Tutorial


FIFA 16 is a very different game from FIFA 15. The gameplay is slower and more tactical which means you can’t use the beat to beat your man like you could in previous FIFA games. Most of the players I meet on Ultimate Team and Seasons rely on fast players to score their goals. In FIFA 16, these players have to adapt and try their style of play in order to have a chance to do well in competition.

In FIFA 16, dribbling and good passing are essential. In you are not a good dribbler so practice! This is what the arena and the exercises are for, practice until you are able to complete the golden challenges.

Besides skill moves, the best dribbling technique is the new non-contact dribbling. This new dribbling technique introduced in FIFA 16 allows players to move without the ball to shake their opponents and quickly change direction. Non-contact dribbling allows players to change direction quickly like with body feints and false shots in FIFA 15 to beat your man and score incredible goals.

Since its novelty, players will have to practice contactless dribbling before they are good at it. Using the technique is straightforward, just hold L1 (PS3 / PS4) or LT (Xbox 360 / Xbox One) and move the right analog stick in the direction you want. These are good little feints for beating opponents near you or when you’re not running. Big feints are done by holding down the R2 (PS3 / PS4) or RT (Xbox 360 / Xbox One) sprint button while holding the L1 or LT button. Large feints help when you’re on the counter or running towards opponents and have enough room to move the ball.

Check out a video guide below showing the contactless dribbling mechanism:

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”wW_UCX3NcjA”]

So jump online and let us know how No Touch Dribbling works for you, good luck!


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