Game development vs web development


People who know how to code have many career options, and two of those options are web development and game development. If you are confused between these two choices, here are the main differences between them that will help you make a better decision.

Game development

Game development is the process of designing and coding a game. Game development has several components, and you may need to work on a single component or the entire game. These components include the design and coding of games. characters in the game, environment, multiplayer networking, and they are assigned to network programmers, engine programmers, based on their expertise.

A programmer uses a code framework to create an entire game. Depending on the complexity of the game, one or more developers are assigned to work together on a game. It can take them months or even years to develop a game.

Earning potential

The income you earn as a game developer depends on several factors including your experience, position / role, and business. As a beginner, you may need to work for rates as low as $ 12 an hour to gain experience. As a senior game developer, you could earn up to $ 150,000 plus a year.


You don’t need to have a game development degree or certificate to enter this industry. Knowing different computer languages ​​and having a passion for gaming can help you make a name for yourself in the gaming world. Determine what you want to do (sound engineering, design, etc.), then learn the related skills to start playing. good foot.

Web development

A web developer has to develop, maintain and repair a website according to the customer’s requirements. They are familiar with different computer languages ​​such as Python, HTML, PHP and CSS, which they use to make a web design come true.

A front-end developer knows CSS and HTML, and he uses these languages ​​to give a particular look to a website. A back-end developer obtains information from the databases to write basic logic. It mainly uses the languages ​​Node.js, Python and PHP.

Earning potential

Compared to game development, web development is “low stress” work. It doesn’t require as much work as game development, but it pays very well, according to Its demand is also increasing year by year. As a web developer, you can earn an average of $ 80,000 per year.


As a web developer, having a bachelor’s degree in computer science can be advantageous for you. People who do not have a computer science degree but have experience and skills can also be successful in this field. If you are considering choosing this career, you can acquire the required skills through platforms such as Coursera and Amazon Web Services.

Career opportunities in both industries

Game development and web development are promising fields offering several career opportunities for interested candidates. However, web development requires less experience and stress, but it pays very well. What would you choose?

Last update: September 15, 2021


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