Ocean Casino Resort confirms its partnership with Elys Game Technology

Ocean Casino Resort has announced a major partnership with interactive gaming and sports betting technology company, USBookmaking, a unit of Elys Game Technology, Corp., with a start date of March 2022. ‘Ocean and potential retail solutions will be provided by USBookmaking, subject to federal approval by New Jersey gaming authorities.

Ocean is excited to partner with USBookmaking to capitalize on their knowledge and experience and provide the best possible experience. As Ocean continues to improve Atlantic City’s competitiveness, the inclusion of a reputable organization such as USBookmaking should only serve to bolster their land-based betting product.

USBbookmaking also hopes to strengthen its partnership with Ocean over the next few years. Ocean’s understanding of the Atlantic City player market, combined with its over 125 years of sports betting expertise, provides a strong prescription for profitability. The Atlantic City market is very competitive, but with Ocean as your partner, USBookmaking will be more than ready to compete.

Elys Game Technology, Corp. is the parent company of USBBookmaking. Elys is currently available on retail and online platforms across Italy through approximately 1,200 online stores, and is now operational in North America with six tribal casino customers. Elys intends to process requests for the provision of sports betting on its state-of-the-art betting platform to large and minor casinos, as well as independent company sites in the United States and Canada. Commencement of betting operations at Ocean is dependent on making books in the United States, and Elys receives the necessary system certifications and casino services industry business license from New Jersey’s Division of Gaming Enforcement.

Elys Game Technology is also excited to partner with Ocean to bring a highly engaging and professional sports gaming solution to market. Their cutting-edge technologies created in the competitive European market, combined with the vast experience of their USB book manufacturing team, demonstrate their ability to execute their North American go-to-market strategic plan in a variety of tasks, including including huge top notch casinos such as Ocean. Elys Game Technology is just beginning its global expansion plans, but they expect rapid adoption of their innovative Elys Gameboard betting technology in the US and Canada in the coming months.

Following the launch of this cooperation, details of a new entertainment experience at Ocean are expected to be revealed after this year. Ocean just revealed a Reinvestment of $75 million in the resort next year, including the highly anticipated construction of over 460 rooms and suites. This follows Ocean’s 2021 real estate renovations, which include a revamped casino with new high-risk activities.