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If you’ve ever been in downhill sports, you know exactly what it’s like to hurtle down a mountain with the wind blowing in front of you. Whether it’s clay or the crunch of snow under your snowboard, there is a unique feeling to conquer a mountain. This sentiment is exactly what Ubisoft is trying to replicate with its latest self-serve sports game. Republic of the Cavaliers.
Riders Republic comes from the creators of the hit sports game 2016, Soak. Ubisoft wants to take the roaming sports genre to the next level with its latest installment, featuring more sports, a deeper storyline and more expression of skill as you hurtle down the mountain, mastering the gear of your choice. From ice cream cart to jet-pack, in Riders Republic there’s something for everyone.
In the last Levels episode, we get the chance to dive deeper into the game’s design philosophy and take a behind-the-scenes look at how Riders Republic was developed.

How they created Riders Republic

The biggest pillar of every game is, you guessed it, the gameplay. Sports games have a long history dating back to 1958, when William Higinbotham created the game Tennis for Two. Since then, sports games have been one of the biggest genres of video games. By their nature of subject matter, sports games are competitive, often pitting two players one-on-one against each other to see who is the best.

But the biggest difference between games like SSX and Riders Republic is the freedom that players enjoy. In SSX, there is a track that goes down from a start to a finish line. In Riders Republic, although there are races and tracks, there is no real need to respect these limits. Players can fly, board, or drive to any point on the map and start their race from there, giving players the freedom to go wherever they want.

It’s great to have the freedom to go anywhere, but it wouldn’t be much fun if the playground or the mountain were boring. To ensure that Riders Republic presents great environments, Yann Fieux, the world designer for Riders Republic, used real world geography to create the world of Riders Republic. “If you’ve been to any of the locations featured in the game, you should be able to recognize it in Riders Republic,” he says.

Riders Republic includes seven of America’s most iconic national parks, all with distinct flora and fauna to make the parks as realistic as possible. This includes tourist spots that you might never have visited, but can now visit and fly over. In-game racing events are also based on their real-life counterparts, like Red Bull rampage held in Zion National Park, Utah.

If you’ve visited any of the locations featured in the game, you should be able to recognize it in Riders Republic

The suspension of disbelief is what makes extreme sports games so fun. Actually feeling like you are on that snowboard or bike can make your heart beat faster. To make the game as realistic as possible, Ubisoft used different techniques to design the sound of the game. François Dumas, audio director of Riders Republic explains in the video that they designed a new mountain bike to record the noise of the wheels. “Cycling helps us record different sounds from the wheels, like freewheeling,” he explains.

Real skiing is one of the examples given by Dumas, pointing out that it is difficult to replicate because real skiing does not have enough impact to make it realistic for the player. Instead, the team used a foam bowl, which gives that characteristic snow-cracking sound when scratched.

The animators and programmers also used real-world motion recording and capture techniques to make the stunts and player movements as realistic as possible. Julien Beilles, principal animator, declares: “For Riders Republic, we have developed a new technology, which consists of a physical layer on top of an animation which runs in real time.

This means that every frame played on the screen is calculated using their new ragdoll system, which helps give the animation a more natural feel. Seeing your character do the same duck animation 50 times in a row would get old pretty quickly. This program gets around that by using a more realistic system to calculate body movement upon impact, adding a ton of extra realism to the game.

Riders Republic will be released on October 28, 2021. If you want a closer look at how Ubisoft filmed the Crazy Stunts, or if you’re curious about what the specially designed audio recording bike looks like, then watch the latest episode of Levels on it. .

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