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The indie game development landscape is becoming increasingly competitive, but never fear, our upcoming conference in London is here to give you all the tips and tricks you need to stand out in the space in 2022!

On February 14-15, we bring together the mobile games industry for the first time in over two years in London. We come together to collaborate, network and learn the experts’ secret sauces to success. This event will host 1500 gaming industry professionals, 225 expert speakers and over 700 global companies looking to connect. It’s a great opportunity to learn from those who paved the way for the indie game development space we see today and to hear exactly what it takes to be successful.

Since 80% of our event attendees have historically been game developers, we ensure that we have plenty of content that will provide our developer attendees with lots of high-value information and the best possible return on investment. If you are an independent developer, don’t miss the opportunity to attend the sessions of our Incredible Indies track. This track features leading small studios and developers discussing what it takes to survive and thrive in the industry, bringing new cross-platform IP games to market and much more.

Keep reading to see a schedule detailing what this track is all about.

Incredible Indies: February 15

15:40 – We kick off the trail by learning about Tower Studios’ Jon Hare journey to get Sociable Soccer running on 10 platforms as a cross-platform title. This is a critical lesson for freelancers on how best to leverage their originating IP addresses and maximize their exit channels without overstretching themselves.

16:00 – Then, enjoy a session on learning and unlocking Africa’s gaming potential with Hugo Obi of Maliyo Games.

16:20 – We end the track with a fantastic panel on what it takes to stay afloat as an indie in today’s competitive industry landscape. The session will be moderated by Kadri Harma from Savvy Games Lab. The panel will include Martijn van der Meulen from Snap Finger Click, Reine Abbas from SPICAtech & WIXEL Studios, Gaz Bushell from Fayju, Yves Hohler from Broken Arms Games and Stefan Metaxa from Modus Games.

This is just a taste of the 20 titles we have lined up for the London conference. Be sure to check out the conference calendar for an overview of all we have to offer at PG Connects London.

Secure your tickets now

We now have digital and in-person tickets available on our website, don’t forget to buy your tickets now if you haven’t already to reserve your place at our February conference. Keep in mind that we also have discounted tickets for indie developers and students.

See you in a few weeks!