Top 10 Popular Game Development Companies in India 2022

The gaming industry has seen an increase in users post covid era which has led to increased interest and growth opportunities for the industry. The transition from 5G with its inherent low latency will play a central role in the adoption of experiences in the Metaverse and cloud gaming. Game development companies in India develop amazing gaming solutions that deliver tomorrow’s experience to corporate customers today.

Being one of the artistic countries, India takes advantage of its techniques and technologies to create games that can stay in the player’s memory for a long time. Game development companies in India have a special creative approach to the marketing concept, which allows them to complement it with original game ideas and ensure maximum customer satisfaction. The best game development companies in India can do wonders with games, integrating them with various next-gen technologies.

Hence, has compiled a list of top 10 game development companies in India 2022 considering their strength, experience, expertise and customer reviews. Although these companies belong to various parts of India such as Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Mumbai and many more, they provide their game development services to the global enterprise.

List of Top 10 Most Trusted Game Development Companies in India 2022

1. InfoSystem Hyperlink

With their extraordinary mix of involvement and competence, InfoSystem Hyperlink offer comprehensive game development services to make their clients the title of an exemplary religion, social peculiarity, or at any rate a top choice for the crowd. Hyperlink InfoSystem helps its customers to develop a gaming solution with the highest level of quality. With extensive involvement with Unreal Engine and Unity3d, Hyperlink InfoSystem delivers dazzling visual encounters integrating AR/VR and metaverse technologies for gamers worldwide.

2. L&T Infotech

LTI has focused on full-cycle game development from thinking, co-developing game solutions with admirably productive teamwork, and fast and efficient game porting. They provide end-to-end game solutions to their clients’ projects at all stages with their 2D and 3D game development strategies.


Nilee Games and Future Technologies Pvt. ltd. was founded in 2011 with the main goal of being a premier gaming service provider. NGFT provides game product development services integrating various technologies such as AR/VR, simulation, motion sensing, embedded systems, robotics and bespoke innovation technologies.

4.Hashbyte Studio

The Hashbyte studio has extensive experience in game development. Hashbyte Studio’s team of experts has a multi-talent and a keen eye for precision to passionately curate products with a thirst for innovation to set new trends in the design and engineering industry in rapid evolution.

5. Spiel Studios

Spiel Studios creates the best in interactive entertainment by creating games that change the way people have fun. Spiel’s main objective is to develop and publish games for portable and online platforms, and to provide the best user experience and game performance to all gamers around the world.

6. 99 Games

99 Games is a team of artists, gamers, writers, coders, and designers developing amazing game solutions. They create games that delight gamers and connect them to gamers around the world. They have the game embedded in every fiber of their being and have put a lot of thought into creating a game.

7. nCORE Games

nCore is a mobile games and interactive entertainment company from Bangalore, India. nCore Games creates and publishes category-defining mobile games. nCore primarily develops multiplayer games with immersive storylines that have a substantial connection to the Indian ethos.

8. Under Dogs

UnderDogs is a Mumbai-based game development studio founded in 2011, which provides video game development solutions that users can play on their smartphones, desktops, tablets and on the web. The games are available on various operating systems including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Amazon and Blackberry platforms.

9.HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies claims to do their best for any game development project they undertake throughout their multi-perspective approach, just like their other services. They have the most diverse team of game developers who help customers bring their idea to life with interactive graphics and promising business returns.

10. HD Data Systems

HData Systems game developers use advanced technologies/tools and develop visually appealing user interface and responsive games which can make the game play more interesting and engaging for players. HData Systems offers the most user-friendly and efficient solutions with quality to turn customers’ creative ideas into real games. HData Systems experienced programmers create themes, graphics and create interactive games with innovative ideas.


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