“We have rethought the development of brand-exclusive games to a fundamentally new level”



What products does the company plan to showcase at iGB Live and SIGMA? What will attendants find on the company’s booths this time around? Will the company participate in educational and networking activities within the exhibitions?

As a game studio, it is mainly about games, we will present our latest big title called Aloha King Elvis. This time, Elvis’ cute frog is on vacation in Hawaii. This is the sequel to the popular Elvis Frog branded Vegas Slot Machine. It was so successful that we didn’t make any changes to the game for over a year.

The new game is not a deluxe version or a copy, but a completely new title with a very rich new gameplay, two different free spins and a bonus game with the possibility of winning one of the three jackpots.. The game will be in the spotlight! Every guest will be surprised. We’re going to treat everyone to Hawaiian cocktails and talk about the game.

A second part will be devoted to tools for building loyalty and promoting the operator’s brand, known as exclusive brand games.. Brand exclusives are games created in cooperation with the operator. Yes, we understand that customizing a location for an operator is not a new tool, and many operators have long ordered unique products for themselves. But we’ve redesigned that flow and made it on a fundamentally new and very high level of visual customization..

The key point is that Each custom slot machine goes through several stages of development: from learning about the audience and thematic features of the casino to fully customizing the game. As a result, it’s not just a basic slot machine with an updated name and logo – it’s a brand new product developed with improved design, math, features, and game settings. It allows the operator to retain the player’s loyalty to the game and increase turnover.

Our second know-how is the business process. We make slots faster than competitors and free for the operator. The result is over 20 custom slots and table games in 3 months for operators like Stake.com, BC.GAME, Betfury, Playamo, Pin-up.casino, Bitstarz and others.

At iGB, part of our stand will be dedicated to this. We understand that uniqueness is an important competitive advantage that operators will use in 2022. And we are ready to help them. At the same time, we are extremely happy to return to offline events! BGaming will have a good presence at the show, we have already scheduled a lot of meetings!

BGaming plans to expand into the Latam market. Is the company working on partnerships to expand its presence in the region? What is your outlook for the Latam market and what opportunities does it open for BGaming?

The Latam market is one of the most promising for us, and it is included in the TOP-10 GEO in terms of profitability for BGaming. We have popular games in this region called Jogo De Bicho and Jogo De Bicho Simple.

We are now focusing on expanding our portfolio with new games for the Latam market.. We contacted several operators and aggregators very present in the region. Next year will be rich in novelties!

BGaming has completed the integration into 7 aggregation platforms since the start of the year. Are there other integrations planned for the coming months? What opportunities do these integrations open up for the company?

We consider it more important not to know how many aggregators and operators we are represented, but what positions our games occupy. We strive to produce content of a high level of quality and enjoyment to provide the best player experience. And in the near future, we’ll be thrilling everyone with new game releases to prove my statement!

At a time, we have updated our support service and are now working more efficiently in terms of integration. It is also a big step forward and a key benefit for casino game providers. This year, we will complete the integration processes with several other major players in the market..

Some of these cooperations have taken place with crypto operators, an area described as “still very promising for BGaming”. What opportunities does the company see in this segment? Is the volatility of the crypto market seen as a problem by the company? Will the market see casinos, players, and vendors take more interest in crypto in the years to come?

I wouldn’t put quotes in the phrase “still very prospective”. Cryptocurrency is promising; it is developing and it is already a recognized establishment tool. Tools created and not yet created on the basis of blockchain or using cryptocurrencies have already proven to be more effective than fiat.

Players show they are interested in using cryptocurrency, and we will continue to create great games for these players and support the currencies and services these players use. Volatility doesn’t matter here. It’s like asking if you’re going to stop swimming because the waves are in the sea.

In the near future, we will be releasing several games aimed specifically at players who choose cryptocurrencies.. We have lots of ideas on how to make these events doubly interesting for players and partners by running some exciting promotions. We invite everyone to follow our news and join the promotions!


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